We believe in the power of communication. It's about you, but even more about who you want to reach. Everyone one should understand who you are and what you do. Be clear on who you are and what you, your product, service, brand or business is about. YOUNAMEID helps you in clearly communicating your core values. 


It's all in the name. Naming is the core of our business. Creating a new name might seem easy, but a strong name takes a lot of thought, vision and commitment. Naming could be considered as one of the most crucial parts in creating something new. The most important thing is that the name suits perfectly. In the end the name identifies your product, brand, service or business. Although at the beginning a new name might feel strange, it won't take long before another name is unthinkable. 

The creative process starts with YOU. Understanding who you are is crucial in helping you to find a good name. Therefore we created an online intake form to get a better insight in your story. Take a look at it! 

Types of NAMES 

As you can imagine there a different types of names. A crucial aspect of naming is the battle between informational content and distinctive character of the new name. The more clear the name gives information about what you stand for, often the less distinctive the name is and not to forget harder to protect legally.

In essence there are three types of names: a descriptive name, an associative name and an abstract name.

  • Descriptive names have a high information content, but are more difficult to protect. They describe exactly what you're about e.g.
  • Associative names are medium informative and medium protectable. Often a creative way or a metaphor is used to describe what you stand for e.g. FitBit
  • Abstract names have low informational content, but are often easier to protect. They don't refer in any way to your business, but could be short names or strange combinations of the founders e.g. Haribo.

Our other services

Our core is in NAMING which we consider as the vital part of creating something new. But there's more that contributes to success. If you experience trouble with your IDENTITY, really making clear who you are, what you stand for or what it exactly is that differentiates you from others, we can help. Our STORYTELLING service can help you in finding the right way to bring this across to your target audience. Not at that stage yet, but a great idea which just needs a little bit more thought? We could BRAINSTORM together to better shape your ideas. If your more interested in get your own creative engine up and running and you're in search of inspiration our CREATIVE SESSIONS might come at hand. For all these services:


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Our core is in NAMING, but we know the process does not stop with a great name. For many companies a good LOGO completes their identity. The right visualization can enhance the value of your company. This is exactly what 'de Visuele Kant' does. Strengthening your business by creating the right logo. For more information visit their website:, or contact us for the a complete offer.